Grieving During The Holidays

Grief is a real part of the holiday experience. We remember loved ones and miss their presence at the oddest moments. Let the feelings flow and share with others to allow those memories to be renewed. Grief is a part of the process. Allow it to unfold and be released.

One thing to think about is what you are going to eat and how you are going to feed that grief. You can feed it either good food that will assist you with the transition, or you can feed it bad food that will take you down a path of discomfort and disease. Think carefully what you put on your plate when you are depressed, upset or anxious. It will have a significant effect on your behavior, your response mechanism, your thoughts and even your feelings. Food is just that powerful. Eat healthy, clean, uplifting foods that nurture your mind, body and soul. No junk food, processed food or sugary foods. Limit as much as possible so that you don’t have to deal with that on top of everything else.

Use delicious spices, homemade drinks, infused water, fresh organic produce, and natural snacks that metabolize well in the body. You will see a difference in your energy and your mood almost immediately.

Let me know how you do with this. Leave a comment in the section below. Contact me for a consultation if you need assistance. Take your journey through grief seriously. It plays an intricate part in every moment of your life.

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