Taking The Time

Hello Friend!

Just checking in on you to ask a question. Have you taken the time to power up? Do know what means? It means cutting out a slice of time for you. We get so regimented and bogged down with busy work that we forget to take the time to smell the roses! Life is a gift and each day we must allow ourselves time to embrace that gift – even if its for just 15 min.

I want you to read how important meditation is to your health and wellness. Then I want you to click this link below and follow me on this exercise . Don’t worry about getting everything right, just take time to do it. Breathe into it. Modify it so it fits your level of ability. After you are done, right me a reply on how that felt.

Exercise the lungs is extremely important right now. What you put into your body is equally important. Wake up with water to wash away all the junk and start fresh. Water is  cleansing. It’s amazing in its simplicity.

OK, just these two things… follow me in the exercise each day for one week and wake up with a glass of water. Then send me a reply to tell me how you feel.

Peace & Light~


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