My Health Spot Topic Today

Health Spot Topic: The Holistic Approach to Corona Virus
Presented by Akote Adirah (a.k.a. Shona Williams) 28Mar20

This week we reviewed the holistic value of meditation. I facilitated a meditation session focusing on breathing and being present. Mediation is medically proven to have signficant effect on a number of diseases. I talked about the value of having a whole food, plant-based diet and including Vitamin C, D and herbs like Garlic, containing allicin, in the daily regimen. We also reviewed the importance of citrus rinds which many people throw out. You can actually cut up the rind and use for cleaning surfaces like the sinks and counters. The rinds may even be minced and sprinkled in the salads and desserts to get that extra boost of Vitamin C.

Vitamin D is another nutrient that experts say is essential in the battle against the Corona Virus outbreak. Taking a walk, reading a book or exercising in the sun allows you to soak up a hefty dose of Vit D absolutely FREE.

It is imperative that you brace yourself to face this virus. You can’t hide from germs. They exist everywhere and they are not sure exactly how they are spreading. The following are ways to keep yourself healthy:

-Get out in the sun (observe social distancing)
-Keep you skin peelings on ginger, turmeric, potatoes, carrots, etc
-Drink hot lemon water
-Utilize organic citrus rinds in food and cleaning
-Meditate at least 20 min daily
-Prepare fresh food
-Avoid processed food fake food, fast food and food that promote inflammatory response
-Join us for ‘Build Your Own Garden’ April 26th – start your herb garden now 🙂

The body is an amazing machine and can absolutely protect itself against any disease given the proper food intake.

During the quarentine, take advantage of the time to find a creative platform to express your Yah-given talent. This is a stress reliever and not only benefits You but Others who are touched by your creative expressions. Write, Dance, Build, Design, CREATE!!! So let it be written…

Be well and stay protected! Stay informed by visiting the official COVID 19 website

Shalom v’Or,
Akote Adirah~
(Shona Williams)


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