Cancer, Be Gone! Book Club

Today I am reaching out to inspire my network to start to learn about the power of food and how to approach your meals with a new mind set! This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what a wonderful way to inspire and motivate women to prepare their meals with a healthier and strategically scientific approach to combat cancer.

People normally don’t look at food as science. But why not? The body is based on science. It is a wonderful and dynamic machine that is set on automatic from your CONCEPTION!! So now, why dont we look at the food as fuel to keep that machine running effectively and efficiently as it was designed??? It’s like taking care of your car. You lube it, you wash it, you send it in for inspection, you get it detailed, you do all this with the highest quality products and services in mind because you want it to perform at it’s maximum level. Well, that same idea holds true for your body and the foods you put into it. We are captains of our own ship. We have to decide what is right and what is wrong for our bodies. I think this book club will help in that decision-making process.

From July 17th through the end of August 2019 I interviewed a host of educators, doctors, nutritionist and cancer survivors to power up my coaching business and start a community that I can serve. The experts that I interviewed not only shared their knowledge about cancer, but also their personal testimonies and experience with the disease. I wanted to get people to understand that there are options to overcome this challenge. We as a people need to know ALL the options, and if food is one of them, I can certainly open your mind to that redemptive approach because I LOVE FOOD! I also love the science of food and how it can recalibrate your body systems. So, I asked these notable experts to allow me an interview that I could share with my community. I asked them questions pertaining to their expertise and asked them to elaborate for the sake of the listeners. This was all done systematically so people could log in and watch the interview. When I say testimonies can change people’s perspectives, I mean it! Living testimonials, cancer survivors, very powerful!

The series can be purchased at http://www.cancerbegoneseries/purchase

As a follow up, I wanted to maintain momentum with this new found knowledge and build upon it by exploring the information these educators offer us to maintain a healthy diet and a positive spirit. Our first book is by NY Times Best Selling Author, Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Fast Food Genocide. With the rush of our daily lives, it is important to slow down when it comes to food and be very circumspect in our food choices, ESPECIALLY for cancer patients. This book provides not only information about the contaminated foods we eat, but studies and recipes and meal plans that can get you started right away! Like NOW! You are that important that everything in life can wait for 15 min to order this book and jump on board this food redemption plan! It starts now. It starts with opening your mind to realities of food that you never knew.

For more information and to join my community, opt in at the following website.

I will be sharing some new material very very soon!

Until then, choose wisely and protect yourself from the inside out…


Shona Williams

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