My Health Topic Today

I am very excited to share my write up following my presentation this shabbat! We have entered into the high holy season and this information is vital to sustaining spiritual as well as physical wellness.

Today we talked about putting the YAH minded food on the table for Succoth. Bring forth the fruit of the earth. Nurture it. Present it before YAH on your harvest festival and bless The Name! The foods that help to heal you are not found in a box or a bag… they are harvested directly from the earth with life and essential components ready to rebuild and fortify your body. Have items on your menu that are harvested locally and with a reasonable distance from where you live. They will contain necessary active components that help to protect you against disease prominent in your area. Eat the greens. Eat the squash. Eat the power of the earth and all she has to offer you. She will nurture you and replenish your soul.
Succoth menu should include your local harvest such as:

Acorn squash
Butternut squash
Sweet potato
String beans

Fill your plate again and again with these foods. Your meats also should be selected and prepared with care. So much disease is settled in the meat. Soak it and wash it well. Consider eating less meat and more leafy greens. Take it from a vegan, you can absolutely enjoy life with no meat in your diet. There hundreds of delicious alternatives. My vegan page is a great resource

We discussed the pumpkin and kale being high in iron. Those people with iron deficiencies need to hear the sister’s testimony about overcoming her anemia just by eating more of these iron-rich foods. Listen to her testimony at Change happens when you have faith enough to move in the righteous direction. We talked about putting your faith in YAH, allowing HIS light to shine in you and being a reflection of The Eternal. Allowing that small voice to guide you and mold you to restore you and bring clarity in the darkness will change your life. We talked about how lessons of our forefather, Moshe, allowed us to see how maintaining a clear mind and focus keeps us in alignment with the will of YAH, The Eternal. Foods offered today contain modifiers, preservatives, sugar, salt, enhancers, fillers and all kinds of contaminants that will destroy your system and your spirit. Put wholefoods on the menu and prepare them with love and righteousness.

Check out these amazing sources!

What’s in Season for October?

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