10-Day detox turned into 20 days!


I’m feeling super fantastic right now! My Cancer, Be Gone series was a hit, I’ve completed a wonderful detox journey and learned delicious recipes that help get the body aligned with the proper nutrients to fight for itself! We don’t need all this toxic junk they put into these medications! They will put you in a stretcher and wheel you to the OR in a minute! And you PAY good money for that!

But what if I told you there was a therapy that would change your life and establish health and wellness and align your systems to engage the most powerful system on the planet! The immune system is a dynamic machine that quickly attacks and annihilates the offenders attacking the body. We tend to fall short of giving those powerful warrior fighters what they need to do their job. Nutrients are extremely important. The source of your nutrients is extremely important. The power is predicated upon the food sources YOU choose.

Pills are not food. The world doesn’t revolve around pharmaceuticals. Quiet as it’s kept, whole foods which are organic and non GMO, are your best source of nutrients hands DOWN! The Eternal has designed them and there is no mistake or recall in any of creation! HalleluYAH

Contact me if you want a program designed for your particular need. I will be happy to be your coach. I’m here to serve you. Also the Cancer, Be Gone series is available for purchase. You have access to some if the greatest minds in nutrition and testimonies from cancer survivors to prove it. If you want a copy sign up at http://www.cancerbegoneseries.com so that you can become a part of my community and start building your knowledge base. Because its not about Cancer, it’s about WELLNESS! Let’s turn this around so we can see it eliminated for good!

Bless up!

Akote Adirah~

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