LIVE Food Week Challenge!!

Hey!!! I’m so excited we are moving to the final leg of our Cleanse!! Water is so essential in our lives. .. to our health and wellness, to the internal and the external. Lots of people dwell on cleaning the water you drink, but the water you wash your body with is just as important. The water you brush your teeth with and spit out, YES! That’s just as important to your health. The water you wash your clothes in or wash your cups, utensils, pits and pans with, the water you mix in with your mouthwash, YES!

WATER is essential. It’s a major part of our biochemical make up. If we are not careful, we will poison ourselves. Fluoride is incorporated into our water. Poison. Chlorine is incorporated into our water. Poison. Hazardous chemicals used to clean our water are incorporated into our water. Poison. We mix our babies milk powder with this water. Poison. We bathe ourselves in this water. Poison. Poison. Poison. But water has to be cleaned and purified to be used right? YES! But the next step is for US. We must get filters and purifiers on not only our sinks but our showers. Filters for drinking water contained in the proper Plastic to be sure no BPAs are leching into it.

Also, as for our babes… MOTHER’S MILK IS MADE FOR BABIES. Cows milk powders are the absolute and simply LAST RESORT. The contamination and risk is unnecessary in most cases. The cow can’t feed it’s own baby because our demand for its milk is overwhelming! The goodness of Mothers Milk is astounding! If you are a new mother, I encourage you to review the contaminants in the water you use to prep your bottled milk now. I encourage you to talk to your doctors, nurses, counselors… and request information about the health benefits of feeding your baby your own milk and how you can do this easily at home, in the night and wee hours of the morning 🙂

This week is our Water challenge and we’re coming up on a close of the WATER CLEANSE. We have been chugging away since last week! You can always jump on board and do it yourself for the last few days with us at Vegan Plate Please on Facebook. Please ‘Like’ the page and scroll through to get caught up so you can continue on your own path. You will then see my posts in your newsfeed and notifications.

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Shona Williams

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