Sign Up For My FREE Cancer Series Yet?!

The Cancer, Be Gone! speaker series got off to a fantastic start with Dr Joel Fuhrman MD, The Gerson Institute’s Dr. Pedro Cervantes, Beth Houser Coghlin of  The Living Foods Institute, Michelle Martinez aka The Fruit Doctor and many more wonderful experts coming on board to share their knowledge and expertise with you to help you in your journey! They are providing a wonderful resource of information all for FREE to help guide you and present sustainable effective solutions that can easily and inexpensively be incorporated into your lifestyle. Listen,  Learn, and elevate to a new understanding of food and the value of food. These experts are truly part of the redemptive plan! I am very grateful for their participation!

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Michelle Martinez The Fruit Doctor

Dr. Pedro Cervantes Gerson Institute

Beth Houser Coghlin Living Food Institute

Richard Herdell Co-Founder Herdell Migraine Institute

Dr.  Michael Greger

Venus De Marco

Dr. Thomas Lodi Oasis of Healing

Ann Fonfa Anne Appleseed Project

Carla De Rosa RAWxIT Food Medicine & RAW Food Instructor

Kim Kirschner Willow Star Haven

Sarah Marbouk Dir. The Food Cure

Shirley & Crystal (my admin’s 🙂

In order to change your reality, you must first change you mind. Think different, become different. Bless The Name of The Eternal.

~Akote Adirah




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