Free Cancer Series Starts Tomorrow

Cancer is raging across America like wildfire! We have the most brilliant scholars, the best technology and people come from around the world seeking refuge in the good old USA. But we are the sick nation eating a SAD diet! Sign up for my FREE speaker series ‘Cancer, Be Gone!’ and listen to these influencers share their knowledge of what is going wrong and how to correct it – holistically! The power of plants is real and it is crucial to our existence to embrace a plant-based lifestyle. I am going to show you why cancer is not the problem. Sign up today and carve out 1 hour of your day, 5 days a week to learn about this incredible dynamic happening across the country and the world! Sign up for my FREE speaker series and enjoy wonderful FREE GIFTS from my experts who welcome you to explore their world and how they are holding up the torch for TRUE health & wellness!

Featured Specialists: Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Pedro Cervantes of The Gerson Institute, Dr. Thomas Lodi, Michele Martinez – The Fruit Dr., Dr. Michael Greger, The Living Foods Institute and many more!

STARTS WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 2019 Click the link below to sign up

Share this announcement with family and friends and get them to sign up so they don’t miss a single day of this powerful knowledge base being offered to you!

Warm Regards.

Shona L. Williams

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