The Health Spot – Refreshing Water Detox

The Health Spot – Refreshing Water Infused with Nutrients from Nature

Presented by Akote Adirah 29Jun19

Water is refreshing and simple. In all its simplicity, it is single most important product of nature that the body requires to help sustain a fantastic, powerful and dynamic machine called you! I spoke yesterday about the power of infused water. Your body needs to be replenished and properly hydrated. Check the quality of your water. Just because you because purchase it doesn’t mean that it’s not suspect! All water is NOT created equal!

-tap water
-bottled water
-spring water
-filtered water
-well water

Test your water. Call your water department and ask for a report of what’s going into the water you clean with, cook with, water your garden with! We have to raise the standard of our water and know that we can improve the quality ourselves just by making some minor changes in our own lives. Here’s way you can do to add power to your water….

Invest in a Water Filtration System

Now these can be very inexpensive or you can purchase top of the line to clean the water coming into the whole house. Start by purchasing a container with a filter in it. Those you can just pour your tap water or bottled water into and use the final product to drink at work or at home. Room temp water is best for the body to metabolize so don’t get over enthused with having ice cold water. It’s not good for your system. The body has to work extra hard to warm it so it can be used!

Infuse Your Water

If you suffer from disease and illness, you may want to research the dynamics of water in the system. Your approach to your disease should be simple and sustainable. Water therapy is one of the simplest and most restorative approaches one can take. And there are no side affects! Research.. research.. research! Know the power of the herb kingdom. Gen 1:29 instructs to use these for food (sustenance). Infuse your water with okras, or basil, or mint, or cucumbers. You will find the body can make the necessary repairs with no surgery or medication! The herbs and the water is the required regimen! Contact me for coaching if you need help with this.

Avoid Adding Powders and Process to Your Water

Keeping your water as natural and simple as possible is the best way to approach health and wellness. Many times we seek these high-end processed products to help us in our journey, and we find they come with their own set of problems. Stay away from theee! Use YAH minded foods that are simple and are equipped with the proper nutrients to satisfy your bodies requirements. Avoid sugar in the diet. Sugar is working it’s way into everything. Be sure to know how and where to find sugar and take it out of your diet immediately. Contact me for coaching on this as diabetes is affecting more and more people and has already attacked our children in the form of ADD which they are being medicated for! Please read the article on Sugar below to arm and protect yourself. You may contact me for coaching on this also. The war on food is real and it is now!

Call To Action:
– Grow Your Own Herbs
– Purchase Water Filter or Filtration System
– Infuse Water With Natural Organics
– Avoid Sugar and Substitutes


Peace & Light~
Akote Adirah

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