Health Spot Topic – Natural Air Cleaners

Today on the Health Spot, I shared information on the best natural air fresheners around….. PLANTS!

Certain plants have the ability to not only adorn your home, but to clean toxins. You may suffer from migraines, allergies, headaches, nausea, etc. These symptoms can be in response to poor air quality.

Given a good, clean, healthy diet with the right plant power in place, you can reduce and in many cases, eliminate your symptoms. You see, your body is reacting to your environment. If you build your defense system with good foods that help the body stay strong and remove the toxins floating around in the air, you can WIN! Check out this list of plants that can beautify your home. Contact me for coaching on how to build your defenses internally.




Corn plant



Aloe vera

These plants are beautiful and provide a gateway to healing that you can appreciate. Check out this link for some beautiful flowers that clean the air!

When you go to the store to get your plants for the house, choose these. They don’t require electricity, change of filter or a warranty!

These are easy to grow and can thrive in low light. Snip off a piece or two from a friend and root your own spider or philadenron. It’s so easy!! Enjoy your summer with renewed health and wellness!

Peace & Light~

Shona Williams (Akote Adira)

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