Health Spot Topic – Cleaning for Passover

Health Spot Topic – Cleaning Your Home with Natural Products
Presented by Akote Adirah 30Mar19

Time to start cleaning for Passover! Cleaning can be a joy if you are using the right products. However, it can also be detrimental to your health if you are using toxic products. Fumes may cause you to get dizzy or have headaches. Your hands can get dry and cracked. Even what you clean your clothes with can cause major issues.

Consider the power of these products when cleaning your home and take cleaning to another level!

White vinegar
Orange peels
Baking Soda
Olive oil

We must reduce our exposure to toxins and contaminants. Using whole food products will be a win for your health and your pocket! It is also a step in the right direction for a sustainable environment. Our earth needs a break! Let’s learn how to take better care in cleaning as we approach the holy days.
Check out this article for cleaning tips and recipes for natural cleaning products you may already have at home:

Embrace that fresh air and open your windows and doors on warm, sunny days. Pull back your curtains and allow that sunlight to come streaming in everyday while you’re at work. It has amazing effect on microbes in the air!

Purchase natural air filters for your home… PLANTS! They are beautiful and tolerant of low light and really don’t take up a lot of space. You don’t have to plug them in or replace any parts either! You buy them once and give them a little love and they will take care of pulling out all kinds of contaminants from the air such as benzene, trichloroethylene, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. Here are a list of plants you can get for your home:

Rubber plant
Snake plant
Aloe avera
Peace Lily
Corn plant
Golden Pathos

All of this is science in its beautiful and simplest form. Embrace the power of nature.

YAH is Light~

Akote Adirah (aka Shona L. Williams)


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