Health and Economic Summit Adar 2, 5779 (2019)

B”H!! The Israelite Community Vision Council (ICVC) proudly sponsors our first Health & Economic Summit!

What a great summit we had on Sunday! The energy was so high, even with the time change and the bad weather! The ICVC (Israelite Community Vision Council) proudly sponsored our Health & Economic Summit at Beth Shalom in Brooklyn, NYC. We chose a PERFECT time to charge out of the gate with a new spirit of redemption and the adversary was trying to stop us at every turn! We emerged victorious in the battle and brought a light so bright, that even the adversary could not stand before it! We discussed, prepared and tasted quality foods that feed the body system to help fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease and brain dysfunction. We performed deep breathing exercises and explored spiritual awareness through meditation! We listened to vendors discuss their specialties, products and services that fuel our economy! Also, we were rivited by our panel of experts who brought their perspectives on nutritional and economic health in our communities. Grateful to have so many of our Rabbis in attendance of this exciting community event! Very happy to host Rabbi Sholomo of Beth Elohem, Chief Naphtali of DCB, Rabbi Baruch of Bnai Adath and Rabbi Yeshurun of Beth Shalom who embraced and facilitated our event. A powerful fraction of the Hebrew Israelite leadership attending to the needs of our community and formulating productive avenues in the elevation of our nation!

Many thanks to our nutritional presenters, our panelists, our vendors, attendees, and all the people behind the scenes making it happen! Bless The Name! B”H!! Looking forward to producing more of these summits and driving our nation forward. Momentum is key, so keep up and get on board this healing train!

Nutritional Presentations:

Salad Demos presented by Geveret Pedeet w/ Akote Arlete

-Broccoli Slaw

-Kale Salad

Smoothie Stop hosted by Geveret Binah

-Pineapple Banana

-Green Energy

-Strawberry Merry

Special mention of Adone Maginiel and Adone Zebulon for adding their expertise and knowledge during the demonstrations. Priceless information indeed. Please reach out for the DVD if interested in the discussions, the recipes or the list of vendors and panelists.


Naimyah Yehudah-Cooper MPAS, PA-C

Ronald Holden, Tax Professional

Zebulon Ben Mordecai Gordon

Sheva Ben-Yehudah, PMP

Chief-of-Chiefs Naphtali Ben Naphtali

We are planning more of these interactive and informational events throughout the year. Stay connected and grow with us during our Build-Your-Own-Garden campaign coming up soon!

Reach back in a reply to this post if you’re interested in knowing more about the dynamics of the food we eat and their natural healing abilities. Also, if you want a DVD hit reply so your name is on the Early Bird list!

Peace & Light

Akote Adirah~

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