Health/Economic Summit in NYC

I am so very excited to be kicking off 2019 with this next event! We are having a health and economic summit in Brooklyn, NYC at Beth Shalom on March 10th! We are getting the plan all mapped out to deliver a ton of information in a very short period of time. The health portion will focus on food and the pact of food on the body. I want to give demonstrations at the same time educate on the nutritional benefit of the food being prepared.

The plan will be to rotate the audience from one demonstration to the next in set intervals so they get EVERYTHING the lesson has to offer. I want it to be organized and comprehensive. I also want it to be tasty and exciting! So I’m planning to do some simple demonstrations on how to prepare a delicious smoothie in minutes for the on-the-go generation. Also, I’ll be teaching about the wide world of vegetables and how to build a banging salad!

We are so very grateful to have this opportunity to preach and teach and lift up the Name of The Eternal! Thanking Him for this gateway to our community to eat for change and be redeemed in our food choices! Yes, there is redemption in food, just waiting to go to work an eradicate sickness, illness, disease and discomfort. Food has a redeeming power! That’s why it was created…. to sustain our bodies. We have come to think it’s all about the YUM factor… try eating bitter gord! Not so yummy, but packs an awesome punch on many diseases! Now, of course there are ways to make the road to redemption a little sweeter, so we can elaborate on that a little bit. But here we have the opportunity to reach and teach. It feels good to be starting out 2019 in such a dynamic and powerful light. I can’t wait!!!

Peace & Light


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