My health topic last shabbat..

Health Spot Topic – Saturated Fats You May Not Realize Are on Your Plate! presented by Akote Adirah 18Nov3

Last shabbat I spoke about some sources of saturated fats that you may want to keep in mind if you have problems with the heart or arteries. We have a wide variety of foods. Some are healthy but need to be eaten in MODERATION. Others are completely unhealthy and should be AVOIDED like the plague! Here’s the list I shared from an article written by James Roberts, Health Team 17Juy3. Read it. Jot down your notes. Visit my ‘Vegan Plate Please’ page for delicious healthy alternatives because truth is, our Standard American Diet is just that – S.A.D.! Let’s work on gaining our health back one meal at a time.

Butter (avoid)
Bacon and other fried foods (avoid)
Burgers & Sausage (avoid)
Cheeses (moderation)
Coconut (use in moderation)
Fish (2-3 times per week)
Seeds & Nuts (a handful will do)
Cream (avoid)
Cooking fats & Oils (try steaming sauteeing)
Chocolate (put that Halloween candy in the trash!)

Choose a good breakfast to begin your day. Stay away from the grill. Begin your day with a healthy glass if water. Try some Steelcut oatmeal with cranberries, walnuts, cinnamon, or perhaps a power smoothie from my ‘Vegan Plate Please’ page… how about a fruit salad with chunks of citrus bananas and grapes??? Your body will love you for it. The fact that we are enjoying destroying our bodies isn’t helping. We have to start the change in the MIND first. Your health is your wealth and the greatest gift you can receive from The Eternal. Choose Life!

360! Is designed for you to restore health & vitality. Contact me for info.

Visit my blog page for more…

Eat to Live~

Akote Adirah (Aka Shona Williams)


Reality check: Does saturated fat actually clog arteries?

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