Welcome to my site!

I was inspired to create this site to bring attention to the lack of knowledge that the world has about food and what is being done to it to keep us in a state of disease and suffering. We have the best schools, the best degree programs, the best technology, the best curriculum, but we are so far off the mark of understanding the what this food is actually doing to our bodies, our minds, our spirits. Even our children are being born with disease.

Something must be done quickly! Something must happen to wake up the people so that they can discover a new way to wellness, a delicious pathway to happiness that inspires and uplifts the soul. We are trapped in a mindless system of ignorance when it comes to health. Our bodies are trapped in a web of deceit. What tastes good, looks good, smells good, and is cheap and convenient happens to be our worst nightmare!

This site unlocks the myriad of lies that revolve around our food and the tactics used to keep us in the dark about our food and our food choices.